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African Safari Club trips are prearranged through people who know the African continent best and are based on their many, many, years of experience.

The largest continent of Africa is made up of many countries with a wide variety of people, problems and wildlife.

African Safari Club Trips-

The African Safari Club plans trips based on their long experience on this mystifying, colorful continent.


The experts at the African Safari Club live and work in one of the countries of Africa. The African Safari Club is run by people with their roots in Switzerland but their hearts in Africa. The people at the African Safari Club are people who are dedicated to the landscapes and wildlife of Africa.

The African Safari Club has flourished for over forty years because they provide quality trips for people from all around the world. This exceptional organization has some of the most exquisite hotels, safari lodges and camps in Africa. Some of the hotels are located on the coast of Kenya where you can enjoy the beach, the landscapes and the wildlife. This efficient managed and effective club runs great hotels, and the professionals at the African Safari Club have the means to transport people in comfort. The African Safari Club have vehicles and airplanes that can transport people to view the animals and scenery up close in unforgettable surroundings.

Excursions Taken With African Safari Club Will Be Most Memorable.

The African Safari Club offer package tours that base their guests on the beautiful Kenyan beaches before taking them inland on exciting safaris. These trips can be made for seven or fourteen days, and most of the accommodations include terrific meals and comfortable rooms. These hotels are close to places where animals thrive in their natural habitats. The tours from the hotel are conducted in air conditioned busses or by airplane to view the animals and landscape from far above. The African Safari Club have their own private airstrip to land their airplanes for the convenience of their guests.

The African Safari Club takes their guests to some of the famous names of African legends and movies. There’s a trip to the game reserve at Tsavo in Kenya. Another sight for the guests is Lake Nakuru where the guests will enjoy the African scenery as well as the wildlife living in the area. Other trips take in the Masai-Mara and Mt. Kilimanjaro. All of the meals are of the most excellent cuisine, and this wonderful organization always serves the meals in unique and elegant locations. This organization has continued with success because of their fine reputation gained through their many years of undaunted service to their



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