African Walking Safaris

African Walking Safaris Can Be Romantic As Well As Adventurous

An African walking safari can be romantic as well as exciting and will often mean experiencing some of what early white hunters such as Selous did in their heydays.

Or, you may want to duplicate some of the exploits which those famous personalities such as Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt did when they undertook their own safaris during the youthful colonial days in Africa.

Africa’s Most Famous Walking Safaris

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana as well as southern Tanzania are some of the better known destinations to undertake an African walking safari. In addition, there are also many small owner run safari operations that you would find especially appealing for your African walking safari.

These days, the African walking safari can involve taking walks on all out full blown wilderness trails, going down backed up walking trails, live in traditional tented camps as well as bush camps, and finally, take a lodge based walking safari. Whatever is the type of African walking safari you choose, you can be sure that there is no better safari experience available.

The African walking safari allows you to get very close to the best of Africa’s wild areas and you will generally require the services of a professional guide who will ensure your safety in the African bushes as well as near the bountiful wildlife available.

You should plan your African walking safari, and this would involve selecting the type of walking safari that is ideally suited for your personal interests as well as temperament, choosing a few specific destinations in countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania as well as Botswana where such walking safaris are available and finally, deciding on specific camps that have good facilities, are reasonably priced as well as are available for use.

You should also consider that such an exercise can be hazardous and therefore you must expect to be exposed to the elements, insects as well as the wild life – all of which can cause you harm. Depending on which country you decide to visit for your African walking safari, you will encounter different types of game. You may also expect that a wilderness trail walking safari is the least expensive, while lodges, tented camps and seasonal bush camps are slightly more expensive. Typically you can expect to pay from one hundred fifty dollars per person per night and more for your African walking safari.

After you decide on a specific type of walking safari and have selected a destination for your African walking safari then you need to find the best time to go, know the best routes to reach your destination and have a checklist of items that will be needed on the African walking safari.




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