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But how does Cabelas African Safari stack up against other games in the genre?

These days, there are video games that cater to every form of entertainment, high fantasy to sports, and even to simulation games. One unique genre that has developed of the years is that of the hunting game. Created to simulate an outdoor experience while in the comfort of your living room, these games give the fun of going after game that’s repeatable and has no messy cleanup. The latest in this genre, Cabelas African Safari, does its best to take the action to a more exotic location, hunting game on the grasslands of Africa.

Should You Buy It?

The ultimate decision of whether to purchase Cabelas African Safari belongs to the person playing the game. If you have someone in your household that has interest in hunting or is a fan of the hunting game genre, this might be a great game to get. If your household video game fan is more into action-oriented games, he or she may find this game a little too easy for their tastes. Still, as far as games in the hunting genre goes, Cabelas African Safari offers a great experience for the hunting fan.

The Animals

Cabelas African Safari boasts over 30 species native to Africa, which means the player gets to experience both variety and exotic animals in their hunting simulation. In addition to species like the gemsbok and impala, the game tries to reward players who finish the game by providing content that can be unlocked, in the form of a Big Five game hunt, in which you can simulate the hunting of dangerous animals like the leopard and rhino.

Game Length

The amount of play that Cabelas African Safari is rather short compared to previous offerings in the Cabelas series of hunting games. The reason for this is that the game strays away from a full simulation experience, so instead of spending a lot of time in the game simulating the tracking and stalking of your quarry, you spend more time actually shooting at animals. While this pace might be fun and offer challenge for those who don’t play many video games, the average gamer will finish this game faster than most.

Crisp And Smooth Graphics And Sound

This game has been released on multiple consoles, but the most recent console released, such as the Xbox 360, will provide crisper graphics and sound than older systems, such as the PS2. The graphics in Cabelas African Safari are crisp and smooth, helping to provide a better experience than you’d get from older games with graphics that look more like muddy collections of pixels. The sound in this game tries to recreate the ambient noises of a real African safari, which can really add to the player’s immersion in their simulated hunting experience. If hunting is up your alley this is really a good game.

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