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  Safaris and South Africa have, since Teddy Roosevelt first aimed his big gun, signified the strength and unabashed freedom of nature. The wild beauty of South Africa makes a safari even more enjoyable and exciting. To see animals in their natural habitat and not behind enclosure is the opportunity of a lifetime as you may have previously only seen these animals at the zoo in their natural habitat. Not too mention the breathtaking scenery and exotic spectacle of native tribes and rituals. How completely amazing would that be?   With so many safari companies in South Africa, it may be difficult to choose which safari in South Africa is the best. This may could require a little extra research on your part, so roll up your sleeves and whip out the elbow grease. If you were to look up consumer reports and "top ten" lists from travel magazines. There are also many web sites who offer reviews and comments from travelers who have been to where you are going already.  If you want it’s possible for you to email the vacationers for more tips and hints before mapping out your own African adventure.   Safari And South Africa The Good The Bad And The Ugly   Not really as there is very little ugly. African Routes is a rather unique South African safari tour company that caters to a specific age group, between eighteen and thirty-five years old. This company opened its doors in 1991 and has been offering camping tours to the younger student types and backpacking future "Amazing Race" contestants ever since.  For anyone who prefers the really great outdoors to a comfy hotel room, this is right up your alley a Safari and South Africa is for you.   Located in South Africa, Ambula Tours offers safari tours with an added bonus; one stop, one bill, one payment.  Everything, including the park fees is calculated into your package.  So no need to worry about a Safari and South Africa if you took care of the odds and ends because Ambula has you covered. This will definitely put your mind at ease as you pack and ready for your adventure.   Bill Harop's Balloon Safari in South Africa gives you a lift of a different kind- in a hot air balloon!  See the expansive African wilderness as never before; a very different kind of adventure that still puts you in the excitement of the wild. There are not any pre-scheduled flights, so you can create your own personalized itinerary. In operation since 1981, owners Bill and Mary Harop have been wining and dining excited toursists to the vacation of a lifetime.  This is the longest operating hot air balloon tour company in all of South Africa.


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