South Africa Wildlife Safaris

South Africa is one of the most interesting travel destinations in Africa, providing a glimpse at carefully preserved lands, diverse wild animals, and a sense of adventure that is perhaps unmatched anywhere in the world. There are some many magnificent places for safaris in South Africa, since there are multiple game reserves that provide a place to preserve the diversity of Africa’s animal species. If you aren’t convinced that you can see some truly interesting species while on safari in South Africa, here are a few of the rare and exotic species you’ll see.

South Africa Wildlife


One animal that you’ll see plenty of while on safari in South Africa is antelope. Home to several distinct species, these wild herd animals are still thriving and exist in great groups. From the common eland with their thin, straight horns to the impala with their lyre-shaped set of horns, these creatures are numerous, agile, and provide a source of food for the predators of the south African grasslands. While these animals may be more common than some of the larger species, their exotic looks add to the feel of being in someplace different while on a safari in South Africa. So, from common and exotic to rare species, head to South Africa so you can enjoy the antelope in their native environment.


Everyone knows something about lions. They are one of the biggest cat species and it is in decline. Taking a lion safari in South Africa is a great place to see these great cats. In prehistoric times, these predators ranged as far as Europe, but that is no longer the case. However, areas such as Kruger National Park in South Africa boasts a population of around 2,000 lions, which is a sizable number of the lingering world population.


Elephants of South Africa are another popular species that makes its home on the grasslands. Here, they seem to thrive more than in other areas, with some areas actually experiencing overpopulation problems, resulting in attempts to control the species through birth control, though success has been somewhat limited. However, if you go on safari in South Africa, this means you’re likely to get a good look at these giant land mammals.

The Black Rhino

With as many as 250 black rhinos on some game reserves in South Africa, a safari in this country might be one of your only chances to see these outside of a zoo. The black rhino shares the distinction with the lions and elephants as one of the Big Five game animals of Africa, which were originally referred to five large species that were considered particularly desirable to hunt for. This black rhino species is nearly extinct due to illegal activities, as they are often targeted by poachers for their horns. The total world population of black rhinos is less than 4,000, and in some parts of Africa, these large creatures have disappeared completely.


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