Discovering Africa Through Antique And Vintage African Safari Photos

Long before the camera was invented, sketchbooks were the answer to viewing the incredible wildlife of Africa. These antique and vintage African safari sketches, drawings, paintings and photos are some of the sought after photograph collections today. Many early African safaris were taken so the artist could catch the image of the wild animal on canvas. The artist would stand for hours painting under the shade of a great tree, while his guides protected him with their spears from being some hungry lion’s prey.

Occasionally at night, these early explorers would get trampled in their small tents by elephant stampedes. If they slept too soundly and didn’t hear the loud snorting or the vibrations on the ground of these mighty beasts, their demise would surely come quickly. So it was very timely when the camera was invented and photographic African safaris could be made.

In the early days of photography there were many photographers that attempted African safaris. Lucky for us they did, because we now have the remarkable old vintage African safari photos to display to the world. Without the vintage Africa safari photos know one would know of the troubles and adventures that these early explorers endured. These photographers, as the early artists, were true pioneers in Africa.

It is very apparent in these vintage African safari photos and images that their was no ban on hunting in those days and many of the Victorian antique African safari photos showed the hunters grisly killings as proud trophies of their hunt. The black and white prints tell a story and reveal a lot of the early history of Africa.

Dangers Were Everywhere

One of the biggest threats in getting the early vintage African safari photos were the African natives. These black natives were very tribal then and many were not friendly, especially to a white face. And it was only people of mostly European ancestry that traveled to Africa in the early days of the African safari wildlife photography. A big problem for the earliest travelers to Africa was finding a friendly tribe that would guide you to finding the perfect view to photograph or paint. The majority of the vintage African safari photos have native Africans or tribesmen pictured in them.

These African vintage photos teach us about the culture of that time. They give us a history of the African and his land. Because there was an abundance of wildlife at that time, the next major danger was the animals themselves. The hunters were not shy to shoot any animal they saw, therefore, the animals sensed danger whenever they smelled a white man. History should not be repeated and understanding the what happened to much of the African game can only be understood through the viewing of these early African safari photos. The wild animals were quickly becoming predators of the white hunter and vice versa. These antique and vintage safari photos provide the world with the knowledge we have today of many of the early mishandling of wildlife by these hunters.



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